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IBAN BE02 3100 3593 3940
(Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul
Rue de la Vignette, 179 – 1160 Bruxelles)
Your generosity is the only inheritance the needy will ever get.

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In advance, on behalf of all those who, through an act like yours, will regain some dignity and future, we thank you.

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    To give a single or permanent order at your bank, show them our details below or use them to make an online transfer, if allowed by your bank.

For an annual total of gifts of at least 40eur we’ll send you a corresponding tax certificate.

Make a bequest

Making a bequest to the Saint-Vincent de Paul Society guarantees that your values, the Vincentian values to which you have subscribed, will last. This lets the Society continue to work in favour of the needy in order to give them a chance to recover dignity and hope … and who knows – perhaps some of the generosity to others that you have shown. But making a bequest is an important decision, so of course you have questions, mainly the two that follow …

For what and for whom will my bequest be used?

A bequest is precious because we can make major investments to develop our Society, insofar as it gives us the advantage of a substantial amount at one time, (generally creating or extending a centre, unless you have mentioned a particular purpose for your bequest). It is also entirely possible for you to inform us how you want your bequest to be used (aid to children or the elderly, healthcare, housing, etc.) We will comply scrupulously with your wishes.

Practically speaking, how can arrangements best be made, with the strongest guarantees?

Making a will is absolutely indispensable. You can either write it in your own hand, or dictate it to a notary who certifies it.
A handwritten will can also be lodged with a notary for additional security. Of course, you can change your will at any time in view of the circumstances of your life. Moreover, the State taxes any bequests made to charitable, non-profit associations at a reduced rate. The rate is 8.8% in the Walloon and Flemish Regions and 12.5% in the Brussels Region.
In all cases, we strongly recommend consulting a notary who will give you full, competent, objective information and advice.