Becoming a member

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Loneliness, a terrible enemy of the needy…

Loneliness is not limited to the needy – every one of us may suffer from it at some time. But our loneliness is rarely due to systematic rejection or exclusion. This is not the case, unfortunately, for the needy.

Why are the needy rejected, at times unconsciously?
No doubt because the poverty and helplessness of the destitute makes us feel uneasy when we are confronted with it directly. So much so, that too often, we do not know what to do and we hesitate to go forward to meet those who need help the most.

It is up to us to break this devastating loneliness that prevents the neediest from receiving appropriate aid and drives them further into moral and material destitution.

Combating poverty means fighting indifference first

In a world too often threatened by general indifference where the principle “each man for himself” is too often the rule, are you among those who still have the capacity to feel indignant?
Are you one of those who feel revolted by injustice and human misery and who don’t want to give up?
Are you someone who wants to move from indignation to action and help the needy who have been injured by life?
The Saint-Vincent de Paul Society gives you an opportunity, in several ways: financial donations, volunteering… or joining our Society as a new member.


The Saint-Vincent de Paul Society is essentially composed of volunteers, up to the highest levels of responsibility.
It is not indispensable, however, to be a member of the Saint-Vincent de Paul Society or to have a lot of spare time to be among those who help us with our activities. For example, it just takes an hour a week or a fortnight, to make a friendly, encouraging visit to someone who is helpless, isolated or ill. Or to give a hand to the Organisation in one of the activities of our centres or conferences. Of course, if you have a bit more spare time … you can be sure that we can find something to keep you busy! Men or women, young or old, whatever your nationality, profession, convictions or skills, contact us. You are more than welcome.
To get in touch with us or receive more information, send us your particulars by e-mail click here.

Becoming a member

Contributing to our spirit of mutual help is already a lot

What does becoming a member of the Saint-Vincent de Paul Society entail? Everything depends on the role that you want to play, the activity you are particularly fond of, the responsibilities that you may be willing to accept. Will you be working with a Vincentian “centre” or a “conference”? The important thing is to be willing to meet the needy, to listen to them, understand them and, insofar as possible, help them take action. All this takes discretion, love and attention, with a touch of humour and a certain spirit of initiative. Meetings are held every month between members: they create real bonds of friendship, a spirit of mutual assistance and give an opportunity to share experience.

Yes, I participate

Support us

Our bank account:
IBAN BE02 3100 3593 3940
(Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul
Rue de la Vignette, 179 – 1160 Bruxelles)

Make a donation

In advance, on behalf of all those who, through an act like yours, will regain some dignity and future, we thank you.

  • Make a single donation
  • Make a permanent transfer. To give a single or permanent order at your bank, show them our details below or use them to make an online transfer, if allowed by your bank.

For an annual total of gifts of at least 40eur we’ll send you a corresponding tax certificate.

Make a bequest

Making a bequest to the Saint-Vincent de Paul Society guarantees that your values, the Vincentian values to which you have subscribed, will last. This lets the Society continue to work in favour of the needy in order to give them a chance to recover dignity and hope … and who knows – perhaps some of the generosity to others that you have shown. But making a bequest is an important decision, so of course you have questions, mainly the two that follow…

For what and for whom will my bequest be used ?

Your generosity is the only inheritance the needy will ever get.

A bequest is precious because we can make major investments to develop our Society, insofar as it gives us the advantage of a substantial amount at one time, (generally creating or extending a centre, unless you have mentioned a particular purpose for your bequest). It is also entirely possible for you to inform us how you want your bequest to be used (aid to children or the elderly, healthcare, housing, etc.) We will comply scrupulously with your wishes.

Practically speaking, how can arrangements best be made, with the strongest guarantees ?

Making a will is absolutely indispensable. You can either write it in your own hand, or dictate it to a notary who certifies it.
A handwritten will can also be lodged with a notary for additional security. Of course, you can change your will at any time in view of the circumstances of your life. Moreover, the State taxes any bequests made to charitable, non-profit associations at a reduced rate. The rate is 8.8% in the Walloon and Flemish Regions and 12.5% in the Brussels Region.
In all cases, we strongly recommend consulting a notary who will give you full, competent, objective information and advice.